1.1 To provide a fun and entertaining environment based in the genre of Star Trek and other sci-fi genres. Also, maintaining a structured system ensure smooth operations, communications and adaptability for future expansion of the Fleet. We strive for excellence in simulation gaming and endeavor to provide a high quality service and resources to our members, so that they may develop their creative writing and character development skills. We strive to be ambassadors to others in the Star Trek community and, above all else, we aim to have fun and to boldly go where no one has gone before. Without membership, fun and entertainment, the purpose of the Fleet is lost.
1.2 The Fleet constitution details the system of Omega Fleet Online. It serves to guide members in knowledge of the basic structure of our policies and procedures of the fleet.


2.1 The Fleet Chain of Command if the governing structure that ensures the proper communication, responsibility, and support of the Fleet.
2.2 Bypassing the Chain of Command is considered a violation of the Fleet Constitution unless an open door policy has been specifically stated.

Section 2.3: Chain of Command

2.3.1 Fleet Command

  • Commander in Chief (CnC)
  • Deputy Commander in Chief (DCnC)
  • Chief of Staff (CoS)

2.3.2 Task Group Command (Once entered into the Fleet Structure)

  • Task Group Commanding Officer (TGCO)
  • Task Group Executive Officer (TFXO)

2.3.3 Task Force Command

  • Task Force Commanding Officer (TFCO)
  • Task Force Executive Officer (TFCO)

2.3.4 SIM Command

  • Commanding Officer (CO)
  • Executive Officer (XO)
  • Second Officer (2XO)
  • Department Head


Section 3.1: General Players:

3.1.1 All players shall follow the Chain of Command; questions surrounding the interpretation of rules or any proposals to introduce new aspects to Omega Fleet Online should be addressed from which ever level in the Chain of Command a player occupies. The Chain of Command is outlined in Article 2.
3.1.2 All players have the responsibility of creating an original character. A character which has not been established in the Star Trek universe. Nor any already created Omega Fleet Online characters or relatives thereof without the express permission of the creator of the Omega Fleet Online character.
3.1.3 Character ranks will be determined by the SIM CO upon joining a SIM. Promotions will be handed down by the appropriate person within the Chain of Command based on the Constitution, player’s activity, and recommendations of other’s. Players will not request promotion, nor take part in any communications or actions that are for the purpose of requesting a promotion.
3.1.4 All players shall be active and post to any Omega Fleet Online SIM they are a member of at least once per week, unless different arrangements have been made with the SIM CO or the player is on an approved LOA.
3.1.5 All players will refrain from the unsolicited recruitment of other Omega Fleet Online members to play on their SIM or any SIM outside of Omega Fleet Online.
3.1.6 All players will comply with the age rating of the SIM and refrain from using profanity or sexuality in excess to that which has been used in Star Trek television shows and movies in their posts.
3.1.7 All players will respect the role of a SIM CO and not start new missions or significantly alter the plot of the SIM without the permission or direction of the CO.
3.1.8 All players will recognize the restraints of Star Trek and Omega Fleet Online and will not create unusual and atypical classes of ships, types of weapons and alien creatures without the approval of Fleet Command.
3.1.9 A player in Omega Fleet Online is allowed to be an active member of multiple SIMs; however Fleet Command or TFCOs reserve the right to limit how many SIMs a player may be active in if noticeable difficulties are present. Players should not join more SIMs than they have time for and excessive lack of posting, resignations, or short posts may result in restrictions being placed.
3.1.10 All players will show respect for the characters of other players and shall not use them in a fashion that would not be condoned by or has not been approved by the player controlling the character in question.
3.1.11 All players who wish to resign their character or position will do so by informing the next person in the chain of command, they will not announce their resignation by posting to a public forum such as the SIM mailing list, the Fleet COs list, the Fleet Forums and so on.
3.1.12 All players will try to resolve any disputes with other players in a respectful manner and will try to resolve them first with the other player and with the next person in the chain of command before taking action with the Judge Advocate General.
3.1.13 All players will refrain from starting petitions or spamming mailing lists or other means of communication in order to advance their position on a particular issue. In order to make things manageable for those players who volunteer their time to help run the fleet, all concerns and proposals should be directed through the chain of command.
3.1.14 All players have the right to take a leave of absence from their game(s) and/or position(s), without fear of loss of rank, when they have real life commitments to which they must attend.
3.1.15 All players will participate in Omega Fleet Online with the primary aim of having fun.
3.1.16 All players shall agree to the terms of the Omega Fleet Online Constitution and as such shall play in any Omega Fleet Online SIMs within the restrictions laid out in this document and shall also enjoy the rights laid out in this document.
3.1.17 All Omega Fleet Online players are entitled to a harassment-free environment, where they are not discriminated against in any out of character environment due to religion, skin color, nation, gender, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, marital status or any other characteristic.
3.1.18 All characters are the property of their creators and are not to be written for unless that creator has left the SIM for some reason and then only by the SIM CO and whomever else they may choose.
3.1.19 If a player leaves a SIM or is removed from the SIM, the future of their character is up to the SIM CO. The CO may kill the character or make the character an NPC. The SIM owner, owns the right to do what he or she wants with a charter once the user is gone from the SIM.

Section 3.2: SIMS CO’s

3.2.1 SIM COs have the full right to operate their SIM as they see fit, within their respective timeline and have full administrative rights over the operations of the SIM and its crew. This includes the promotion/demotion/removal/or addition of crew.
3.2.2 The demotion or removal of a player shall be reported through the Chain of Command 3.2.3 SIM COs have the right to set the ranks of their crew up to and including the rank of Commander (or its equivalent in marine or alien rank), further promotions shall be approved by the TFCO.
3.2.4 SIM COs shall have the ability to create SIM level awards and award them to their crew as they see fit.
3.2.5 SIM COs may choose to severely damage, destroy, or disable their SIM vessel or station as they see fit based upon the following conditions.

  • The ship class and registry number if destroyed shall not change without prior approval from the TFCO.
  • Repairs can be made to the vessel and must remain within the ships original specs. Any special modifications or upgrades must be approved by the TFCO.

3.2.6 SIM COs shall not destroy or otherwise do anything to affect any base, ship or other SIM that currently exists in Omega Fleet, including mothballs. To that end, any effect on one SIM taking place in the gaming environment of another shall only occur with the consent of all effected SIM COs. “Effect” shall be taken to mean anything that changes the back story or nature of the SIM such as the location, status, whereabouts, etc.
3.2.7 SIM COs are responsible for recruiting players to their SIM, but must do so within the guidelines outlined within the standing Fleet Constitution.
3.2.8 No player shall command more than two ships within Omega Fleet at one time, without the approval of the CnC.
3.2.9 In order to receive command, all SIM COs shall agree to obey the Omega Fleet Constitution. COs are also responsible for ensuring that all players on their SIM are aware of the Constitution, the rights they enjoy therein and the responsibilities of the SIM CO.
3.2.10 SIM COs has the right to choose the type of gaming platform for their SIM. Omega Fleet entertains the following formats.

  • Play by Forum
  • Play by NOVA

3.2.11 The gaming platform of a SIM shall not be changed unless approval is granted by the TFCO.
3.2.12 SIM COs are capable of docking their vessels with player operated bases/stations within the Fleet, but must first contact the base/station CO prior to doing so and must agree to all procedures set down by that CO for interaction between the two SIMs. If the SIM CO does not agree, then he/she are more than welcome to use an NPC Starbase to dock their vessel.
3.2.13 SIM COs shall file a monthly report to their TFCO, in the form prescribed by their TFCO, no later than the 7th of each month.
3.2.14 A SIM CO that resigns from his/her position(s) shall be barred from taking a new command in Omega Fleet for 90 days in order to allow for a “cooling off” period during which the player can re-evaluate his/her ability to command. Should a SIM CO resign in a public area, as is prohibited by the constitution, an additional 6 months shall be added to the cooling off period. Notwithstanding the above, a SIM CO may rescind his/her resignation within 24 hours and face no penalty. Notwithstanding any provisions in the by-laws restricting the command of certain types of vessels, a TFCO may award command of a SIM to the XO or another crew member when a CO resigns or is removed. Such a CO will be required to complete any requirements laid out in this Article, if they are not already completed, immediately after his/her assuming the role of CO.
3.2.15 In order to be promoted from Lt. Commander to Commander and to be considered “Active”, the Commanding Officer must do the following:

  • Complete Omega Fleet Academy
  • Pass the “Constitution Quiz”
  • Recruit at least four (4) other players to their SIM

Article 3.3: Task Force CO’s

3.3.1 Responsibilities: The Task Force Commanding Officer is the IC and OOC leader of their assigned Task Force. SIM COs should look to their TFCO for guidance, answers, and assistance in managing their SIM.
3.3.2 Specific responsibilities

  • TFCOs have the right to administer their Task Force as they see fit, including the right to choose their own TF staff, within the confines of this constitution and its by-laws.
  • TFCOs have the responsibility to work closely with their TFXO (and, if applicable TFCOS) who should be treated as a TFCO-in-waiting and trained and educated as such.
  • TFCOs are required to submit a monthly report to their Division Commanding Officer, if in use at the time, or the Fleet Chief of Staff, no later than the 12th of each month.
  • TFCOs have the responsibility to maintain and update their Task Force web space.
  • TFCOs have the responsibility to advertise for their Task Force, and to assist in the recruiting of new players for SIMs within the Task Force.
  • TFCOs have the right to give initial approval for major changes to SIMs (including ships/Starbase, technology, and specification alterations) while waiting for final approval from their Division Commanding Officer, if in use, or the Fleet Chief of Staff.
  • TFCOs have the responsibility to attend any Fleet Staff meetings when held, unless other arrangements are made.
  • TFCOs have the responsibility to encourage COs to participate in Omega Fleet by setting a good example. This includes relaying Fleet News to all SIMs, actively participating in the Fleet and on the Fleet Forums, and encouraging active participation around the Fleet.
  • TFCOs have the responsibility to participate on the Fleet Staff mailing list and in the Fleet Staff forums to the best of their ability.
  • TFCOs are required to keep their DCO, if in use, or the Fleet Chief of Staff up to date in regards to all SIM changes such as SIM activity, inactivity, closure, creation, etc.

Section 3.3: Task Group CO’s

3.3.1 Task Group CO’s shall maintain regular contact with and shall be easily accessible to the TFCOs within their Division to provide guidance or advice.
3.3.2 Task Group CO’s are responsible for keeping up-to-date on matters within their relevant Task Forces.

  • Task Group CO’s has the right to take authoritative action in their assigned task forces on an as needed basis in exceptional circumstances. In general, these circumstances are defaulted to major changes in the Task Force or Fleet.

3.3.3 Task Group CO’s shall provide training and mentoring to the TFCOs under their command as required.
3.3.4 Task Group CO’s shall receive any requests brought to them by a TFCO in their Division whether these are request from the TFCO for changes in the Task Force or a request passed to the TFCO through the chain of command that the TFCO is unable to resolve. These requests shall be addressed in the following matters:

  • Approve
  • Reject with reason
  • Refer matter to another Division CO if it would effect TFs in another division (i.e. ship transfers)
  • Refer to Fleet Command for approval or rejection.

3.3.5 Task Group CO’s shall attend Fleet Staff meetings when held.
3.3.6 Encourage COs to participate in Omega Fleet by setting a good example. This includes relaying Fleet News to all SIMs, actively participating in the Fleet and on the Fleet Forums, and encouraging active participation around the Fleet.
3.3.7 Keep Fleet Command updated on any matters as required.
3.3.8 Task Group CO’s shall perform other such duties as delegated to them by Fleet Command or by by-law.

Section 3.4: Deputy Commander in Chief

3.4.1 The Deputy Commander in Chief shall be a member of Fleet Command and serve as the second most authority within the Fleet.
3.4.2 The DCnC shall coordinate with the Fleet Chief of Staff to ensure proper operations and updates of the Fleet’s SIMs, Task Forces, or Divisions.
3.4.3 In the situation where the CnC is on LOA the DCnC shall temporarily assume command of the Fleet, but will not hold the ability to create Executive Orders and will resume his/her normal duties on return of the CnC.
3.4.4 DCnC shall report to the CnC weekly.
3.4.5 The DCnC shall perform other such duties as delegated to him or her by the CnC or by by-law.

Section 3.5: Commander in Chief

3.5.1 The Commander in Chief shall be the most executive position within the Fleet and the head authority within Fleet Command.
3.5.2 The CnC has final say in all matters brought up through the Chain of Command, except those outlined in Article II Article 4.
3.5.3 The CnC shall have the ability to appoint/remove, promote/demote, anyone within the Fleet as long as it does not violate the standing Fleet Constitution and all positional responsibilities and requirements are considered.
3.5.4 The CnC may delegate any of his/her powers to anyone within Fleet Command, except those surrounding Executive Orders.
3.5.5 In the event the CnC chooses to resign, the DCnC shall be promoted to CnC. If the DCnC chooses to deny the promotion, the resigning CnC shall appoint someone else to the CnC position.


A solid Chain of Command is essential to maintain the overall Fleet environment and also a significant part of the Star Trek genre. The main operations of Omega Fleet Online (OFO) are set in the year 2409. All new Sims entering the Fleet will be, by default, set in that year. Approval must be given to set your SIM in a different year, but we do understand the desire.

Section 4.1: Task Forces

4.1.1 Each SIM within the Fleet shall be assigned to a Task Force. A Task Force shall be commanded by a Task Force Commanding Officer (TFCO) and a Task Force Executive Officer (TFXO).
4.1.2 Task Forces shall be broken up into Task Groups consisting of a maximum of 4 ships per Task Group. Task Forces shall be limited to a max of 4 Task Groups.
4.1.3 All SIMs are required to be assigned to a Task Group with the exception of Task Group and Task Force Staff. Such SIMs shall be labelled as Independent or placed in a Command Task Group.

  • Other SIMs operated by Fleet/Task Force/Task Group staff may be classified as independent after the approval of their TFCO.

4.1.4 Additional Task Forces shall be created in a balanced format. Once current standing Task Forces reach 3 out of 4 Task Groups full, the formation of a new Task Force shall begin.

Section 4.2: Task Group

4.2.1 Task Groups shall be entered into the Fleet structure and Chain of Command once the Fleet reaches four (4) Task Forces.
4.2.2 Task Groups shall be overseen by a Task Group Commanding Officer (TGCO).
4.2.3 No Task Group will oversee more than four (4) Task Forces. Additional Task Groups will be created when the need arises.
Section 4.3: Fleet Command
4.3.1 The Fleet will be governed according to a military Chain of Command.
4.3.2 Fleet Command will consist of the following, in order of authority:

  • Commander in Chief (CnC)
  • Deputy Commander in Chief (DCnC)
  • Chief of Staff (CoS)
  • Fleet Operations (Fops) (if desired)

4.3.3 In matters involving amendments to the Fleet Constitution or major operational changes that shall affect over 50% of members or 25% of SIMs the following process shall be used.

  • All Fleet Constitutional Amendments shall be presented to the Fleet membership for review and comments. Based off the membership review; revisions shall be made accordingly then a vote shall be held by Fleet Command. To pass all Fleet Command members must agree to amendment.
  • In matters where a decision shall affect over 50% of members or 25% of SIMs directly, a vote shall be held within Fleet Command. A majority vote of 2/3 is required to pass.


Section 5.1: The CnC may make temporary changes to the Constitution and by-laws by means of an Executive order when urgent action is required.
Section 5.2: An Executive Order will be referred immediately to Fleet Command for consideration as a permanent change.
Section 5.3: All Executive Orders will expire under whichever of following conditions comes first:

  • 5.3.1 The CnC revokes the Executive Order,
  • 5.3.2 Fleet Command adopts the Executive Order as a positive change,
  • 5.3.3 90 days have elapsed.
  • 5.3.4 Should a matter be dealt with by an Executive Order and later be rejected by Fleet Command, such a matter cannot be dealt with again by an Executive Order.

Section 5.4:  Executive Orders

  • 5.4.1 In order to be promoted from Lt. Commander to Commander, the Commanding Officer must do the following:
  1. Complete Omega Fleet Academy
  2. Pass the “Constitution Quiz”
  3. Recruit at least four (4) other players to their SIM


Section 6.1: General Orders may be created by Fleet Command to assists in the administration of their duties or as required by the Constitution.
Section 6.2: If there is a conflict between a General Order and a Article of the Constitution, the Constitution will be considered correct and the General order void.
Section 6.3: General Orders have the same force as provisions in the Constitution.
Section 6.4: General Orders may be created by Fleet command be a simple vote.

Created January 2012