A beacon in the night grows ever brighter now that they are here. They have been charged with the duty of bringing peace back to the Federation and her member worlds. They have been charged with the task of ending the war.

They are the proud members of Omega Fleet Online. In this time of war, this Fleet was assembled to stand against the darkness and to end the troubling times that have claimed the lives of so many.

Omega Fleet is based is the home of Star Trek SIMs from ENT Era-VOY Era. The Independent Fleet is the home of SIMers who want to play, but not a Star Trek based SIM.

We are a group of like minded Commanding Officers that are looking to have a good time with our SIMs. We have joined together to bring that about.


Feel free to look around and join one of our Ships or you can apply to run your own ship. We have open commands available.


What are our ships doing now?  USS Omega is beginning the hunt on a ship that came through a rift from the mirror universe.  SS Stormbreaker (temporarily in a Starfleet vessel) is fighting pirates.  The USS Destiny is on their shakedown cruise and the SS Scimitar is heading through the rift to the mirror universe to fight behind the lines.